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Satellite dish

TV aerial installations

Are you looking for a reliable team to install your TV aerial? Leave it to us at Aerials by Clarkes. We serve domestic clients across Tunbridge Wells and the nearby areas. From satellite dish repairs to installing multi-room systems, we do it all.
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Supply and fitting of terrestrial Freeview aerials

The area we cover has possible reception from several transmitters. (See Tuning Information). We will use our local knowledge of the area to advise and give you the best possible reception. We use a spectrum analyser to align the aerial for best signal strength. The days of shouting at someone on the roof whilst watching the television are no longer required. Please take a look at the local Mux channel numbers for manual tuning:
If your aerial is aligned to the:
  • Dover Transmitter - the channel numbers are 48,50,51,(53),55,59 
  • Pembury Transmitter - the channel numbers are 41, 42, 44, (47), 49, 52
  • Heathfield Transmitter - the channel numbers are 41, 42, 44, (47), 49, 52
  • Crystal Palace Transmitter - the channel numbers are 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, (30)
  • Blue Bell Hill Transmitter - the channel numbers are 39, (40), 43, 45, 46, 54
  • Reigate Transmitter - the channel numbers are 21, 24, 27, (53), 57, 60
  • St Marks Transmitter (limited channels) - the channel numbers are (53), 57, 60
  • Lamberhurst Transmitter (limited channels) - the channel numbers are 54, (57), 60
  • East Grinstead Transmitter (limited channels) - the channel numbers are 43, (50), 55
  • Forest Row Transmitter (limited channels) - the channel numbers are (40), 56, 58

Note HD reception: The channel numbers (in brackets) relate to the HD channels and will not tune if you do not have a television with an inbuilt HD tuner. HD ready televisions do not always have an inbuilt HD tuner.
Satellite dish repairs

Service and repair to existing aerial installations

We will, if required, service your existing installation. However, if the installation is in poor repair due to age, we may advise replacing it for new as this is generally more economical in the long term.

To improve your radio reception, we can install a dedicated radio aerial. This will only improve reception on your radio receivers with a dedicated aerial socket.
Freesat satellite dishes

Sky and Freesat satellite dishes

As an independent family company we are not Sky agents and therefore unable to sign you up to Sky or supply Sky satellite receivers. Although we can help once you have Sky, if you need to move house or for other reasons relocate your dish - you may need to check your warranty agreement with Sky first.

If Freeview terrestrial reception is problematic from your location, a Freesat satellite dish with the correct Freesat receiver will enable a non-subscription based alternative to digital reception.

Multi-room systems

Extra television points off of existing aerial installations: If your existing installation has spare capacity and sufficient signal, we can run additional television points as required.

Domestic aerial distribution systems: You require one aerial to feed several television points. This can be done via a distribution amplifier in a central location (generally the loft). Cables can then be run to feed the locations required.
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For TV aerial installations and satellite dish repairs, contact Aerials by Clarkes, Tunbridge Wells. Call us now on 
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